For more than half a century, television advertising has been the most effective medium for a business to tell their story.  But the last decade has seen the rise of social media and digital for business.  What advertising should your small or medium sized business do in 2020?

Why you need Social Media!

Google has become the yellow pages of the 21st century.  When your potential prospect doesn’t have a preferred vendor, they are going to google the industry and their location.  “Plumbers in Aurora”.  You have to be there.  But just like the yellow pages 25 years ago, it’s easy to get lost in the long list of options.  Without a strong SEO plan, you’re no better than every competitor in town.  Some categories are worse than others.  Lawyers have as many Google pages as they had yellow pages.  Consider one of two options with Google.  Option one is to do the minimum investment and be in the listings.  This option can work if your other advertising is making a difference, so that people are searching specifically for your company, and not just “Naperville Family Attorneys”.    Your better option is to find a good SEO expert.  Check references, because there are now dozens of SEO businesses.  Find someone who is going to focus on your business every week – or even every day.  It’s going to be an investment, but you’ll rise to the top.  Don’t expect great results if you’re doing it part-time on your own and not committing time to it each day.  Just because it’s easy doesn’t make it effective.

Facebook is a good customer retention tool.  It gives you casual contact as often as you would like to reach out to past patrons.  This is an option that also needs daily attention but you can usually do it yourself.  But don’t expect to drive a lot of new business with Facebook.  Facebook users’ priority is social, not buying.  Getting 100 “likes” doesn’t mean you have any new customers.  Facebook is your way of reminding your customers why you love them every time they open their FB app.  Feature your team members.  Post a testimonial.  Show the great job you did today on a job.  Introduce a new product.  Even show the dog in the showroom.  Just keep reminding your old customers that you are here and look forward to working with them again.  There are 2 billion Facebook users – you need to target the right ones.  Have an action plan to get them away from social media and to your landing page, your website and/or your mail list.

Consider this analogy:  Would you find more new prospects if you introduced yourself to 1 person or 7 people?  So, will you reach more people with 1 post or 7 posts?  Social media only works if it’s worked properly and consistently.  If you’re going to do it – invest for the long term.

Social Media or Television

Why you want television!

Which of these two Google searches will deliver those results you are looking for: Pizza places near me or Mike’s Pizza Naperville?  Name recognition from TV makes all of your other advertising more successful.  It is the image people have of you.  You need them to remember your name when they want your type of service.

The truth in most industries is that only about 1% of the public needs your product right now – and they have probably already made their purchasing plans.  About 1/3 of your target audience will want it in the near future.  You want top-of-mind awareness so that they are only thinking about you.  Make sure your tv ad copy is strong enough that it’s what gets the prospect to take action and search only for you.  About 1/3 of the audience will never call you because they already have a preferred vendor or no need for the product.  It’s that final 1/3 that needs to consistently see your video message throughout the year, so that you are always in the back of your mind.  They might not need you tomorrow, but they will someday.  Whether you’re a lawyer who is rarely needed, or a pizza place that is occasionally needed, make sure that the right 2/3 of the audience are burning your good name in to their minds.

Talk to your media experts about OTT (over-the-top) options in your area.  While ½ of Americans are still watching cable, nearly 100% are watching their favorite shows on-demand and through OTT options like Roku.  There are apps like Crackle, Tubi, Pluto and dozens more that deliver free quality programming.  You can reach a targeted viewer for less than a nickel.  Yes, 5 cents for a non-skippable ad to your exact target customer, while they are watching their favorites shows.  TV is changing, but it’s as awesome as ever.  I’m happy to share ideas with you.

The sight, sound, motion and emotion of TV may still be your best option to reach the quantity and quality of potential customers you need.

The bottom line is that television/video and social media are the right combination to grow your business next year.  Talk to experts in both fields and make the investment that will deliver the results you are hoping for.  Take the time and invest the money to do it right. We’re happy to help, so contact !

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Social Media or Television

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