Our Offering

The advertising world continues to change. It can be confusing and expensive to navigate on your own. There is a way to make it simple so you can win in this market.

Hometown Advertising’s expert marketing services give local businesses, in targeted areas of the Chicagoland area, affordable access to the media power of big business, to help their companies prosper and grow.

Great advertising opportunities are not just for big brands. We believe your locally-owned company can achieve its growth goals.

Hometown Advertising will help local businesses develop plans and strategy. We will get to know your business, who your competition is, and your marketing goals. From that information, we will deliver a television advertising plan to double your targeted exposure and drive results for your business.


Who is your competition? What are they doing to stand out? Do you offer something special?

Business Plan

What are your short and long-term goals? What is your strategy to succeed?


What is your value proposition? Who is your target? Are you reaching the right people?


Can you adjust plans as conditions change? What is your plan to evaluate the changing landscape?

Our Approach

We use our 30+ years of experience to advise you on the best overall media strategy. We are bringing together partners to do something no one else has ever done.

How It Works

The advertising world continues to change. It can be confusing and expensive. Now there is a way to make is simple and affordable.

Hometown Advertising strives to include one exclusive local company per category. If a businesses offers multiple services, it is possible to have minor conflicts. For example, a muffler shop may also do oil changes and the oil change store does auto repairs.

Investment for Your Business

Hometown Advertising’s approach is designed to maximize your investment by delivering your message across every screen. We offer our customers $2,000 worth of monthly advertising along with media consulting and business strategy. We are looking for local businesses who want to grow and compete with advertisers with larger budgets.

Media and Services

  • You get $2,000 per month in media time and consultative services including business planning and strategy. Each month, our ad agency will negotiate the best ‘TV Everywhere’ plan to reach your targeted audience. Schedules may include digital, cable, broadcast and on-demand video ads.

Your Investment

  • You invest $975 per month. Hometown Advertising is able to place your message in front of your specific audience in engaging programming on all devices that you thought only big brands had the ability to purchase.

Added Value

  • Hometown Advertising will provide marketing services beyond the actual media placement. Services include annual social media check-up, website and ad copy continuity review, annual business and advertising action plan and local community expo/trade show partnership opportunities.

Creative Services

Your message is important to make an impact on your target customer. If you don’t have video creative or a resource to produce it, Hometown Advertising offers a cost-effective solution for businesses of all sizes.

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